A Big To-Do…

Travelling around the world doesn’t happen by accident. The more we planned, the more we realised that we needed to plan. Below is a breakdown of the main components:

  • The first thing to consider was moving out of our flat in Leicester. This had been the our home for 4 years – and the longest we had stayed in one place since moving out our University accommodation at 18 years old. It was only now that we realised the amount of ‘stuff’ we had gathered over 6 years of being together.

The main issues to consider when moving were:

  • QUITTING OUR JOBS! (Both easier (and more difficult) than we imagined)
  • Rental Contract (Deposit)
  • Internet Contacts
  • Phone Contracts
  • How to sell/donate out stuff?
  • Where to put out stuff we can’t sell/donate?
  • How to move out stuff we can’t sell/donate?
  • What to do with out Car? (And Insurance)
  • How to convince the Army to let me miss training for a year + (Rhys is a Dog Handler in the Army Reserve)
  • The act of physically packing & moving out
  • All of the social leaving celebrations (Colleagues, Friends, Family) – it’s a hard life!
  • What we would need when/if we get back


Next to consider was the actual travelling:

  • Buying the flights
  • The insurance
  • What to pack
  • What we needed to buy
  • What Tech we would need
  • Where are we acutally going to go!?

MAP&ROUTE 1st Draft - PDF-page-001

Where we were physically going to go changed a lot over the planning stage. Places with very restrictive Visas (Tibet!) or over-priced accommodation for budget tourists (Jamaica!) were eliminated – until a realistic final list was constructed.

(See Full List below: [In expected order]. Might be deleted from bottom to top dependent on financial situation!)




Our route ended up to be a combination of both our ambitions, and “STA Travel” flight route recommendations. It turns out that it’s not as easy as naming countries, and buying tickets – You need to be in specific places, to get to other specific places. (E.g, We never imaged that Japan would be on our list, but it happens to be a convenient stop-off to get from South East Asia, to South America). And so our route was born from imagination and practicality.










Out of our two person team, ‘The Frog’ is oddly partial to an Excel Spreadsheet. As much as I enjoy taking the piss, download – it turns out that this has been a crucial part to our budgeting, packing & insurance.  Without drowning you too much in the numbers, see below a glimpse of our Insurance Comparison & Packing Consideration.

Packing List Image

Insurance Comparison

If you ever plan on travelling for an extended time yourself – “World First Insurance” seems to be one of the best available choices. They are the cheapest coverage BY FAR, whilst still being able to offer substantial medical, expense & gadget insurance. You can make this even cheaper by purchasing though TopCashback – although you do miss out on some of the Gucci options, such as 24/7 UK Medical Consultancy. We’ll have to make do with ringing mum.

Our list of jobs kept growing faster than we could strike them off. Each item was made of unforeseen multi-stages. E.g.

Get Vaccinations” – turned into multiple appointments, with multiple boosters required within specific times frames. Some are offered through NHS, some are only offered privately.

Get VISAS” – Each Visa requires different criteria to complete. Some can be completed online, some at the airport. Some require you to give addresses of where you are staying within the country (forcing us to book accommodation first). Some require you to arrive with passport photos to-hand. All are different, and we have only completed for the first handful of countries so far!


I think the main piece of advice I could give is to eat the elephant one bite at a time.


  1. Humongous list! Deep envy!
    Trip of a lifetime and who knows where it will lead (apart from aforementioned list). So loving the photos and film, keep em coming and above all else just enjoy and stay safe


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